Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why Am I Such A Boring Bastard On Facebook?

I have just been doing a little social media navel gazing and came to the realisation that I am a really boring bastard on Facebook.

On my Google+ stream and this blog I am irreverent, fairly un-censored and a probably a little bit odd.  Just like the real thing.  But when I enter the blue on white world of my Facebook business page I find myself morphing into Mr Dryballs.  It's all family-friendly, professional, non-confrontational and sterile.  I actually wear a suit and tie while posting to Facebook (but still no pants).

I think my self-sensorship is driven by the fact that on Facebook I deal with existing customers from our website, to whom the real me may well be too much.  On G+ I am surrounded primarily by like minded whack-jobs who can take it or leave it if they want.  Here on this blog I am surrounded by exactly no-one so I could pretty much extoll the virtues of the Nazi party manifesto and do zero damage to my credibility.

What I do find interesting is how seemingly similar social media sites ooze quite different vibes to me (God only knows what I am supposed to do on Twitter).  I guess it is the people that comprise the audience, but I think it goes beyond that, I think the architecture of different social media sites infer a different tone.  Maybe not. Maybe I am just a pussy on Facebook*

What do you think?  Comments welcome....

Cheers - Todd

* to prove I am not a pussy I have posted a link to this article on Facebook  I didn't post this to facebook - I am indeed a total pussy...


  1. Mr. Dryballs , that made me lol. In fact this whole entry pretty much rocked, is human of you. I'm semi boring on G+, really boring on my FB , post oddly timed links on twitter and uncensored pretty much nowhere.

    Unless you get to know me, in person or even in a messenger type of situation,it's a very small ( but equally important) window into my .. hmm.. persona . My conversational tone is very different than my "posting" tone :). It throws people for a loop sometimes. We'll keep the Nazi pussy stuff to ourselves for the time being lol

    1. Don't fret Rachael - I am genuinely boring in almost all aspects of my life I just delude myself otherwise here on my little fourth Reich blog here ;-)

  2. Oh Todd, you never cease to make me laugh! :)

  3. I know just what you mean. People like to say that, "if you just be yourself you'll be happy." I don't agree. I think we always act differently in different situations. If I said the same things to my mother that I do in the pub, I'd be embarrassed and she'd be pissed.
    The real question is: Why does the blue & white devil inspire the change to Mr Dryballs? A flashback to Nelson College colours?

    1. C'mon Marko - Nan would be down with your pub talk ;-)

      No school uniform fetishes (pervert), just afraid to piss off my customers I think.