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Welcome To The Photo Autocracy

Howdy and welcome to the photo autocracy. This blog is my place on the web to discuss all things photographic.  The site has a strong Nikon DSLR bias as that is all I shoot these days (I danced with the canon-ites for a couple of years and never really got into the groove).

About Me  

I am Todd Sisson and I live with my wife and two young kids in Central Otago New Zealand.  My wife, Sarah, & I have been full-time professional photographers since 2002 and we have shot fashion, food, editorial, architectural and lifestyle images.  These days we focus on our first photographic love - landscape and nature photography.  You can find our extensive gallery of New Zealand photos over at www.sisson.co.nz

Sarah & I taking advantage of the youth enhancing properties of lens flare.....

The Photo Autocracy - WTF? 

Yeah, the name of the blog is a little odd, primarily because I am more than a little odd myself.  I wanted to create a place online where I could express my opinions in my own way.  The Autocrat bit is just an early expression of my desire for global domination mmmmmwwwwahhhaaahhahh [maniacal laugh].

I hope you enjoy visiting The Photo Autocracy, if so, please share the love with your friends online via twitter, facebook or G+.

Cheers - Todd

Ethics Statement:

I recommend a lot of products on this blog.  However, I only recommend products that I personally buy and use.  Yes, if I have reviewed it I have bought it or borrowed it from a friend (I will disclose that as it happens).  If I think it is awesome I will say so, if it is crap I will say so. I don't get paid or sponsored by anyone.

I am an affiliate of several online resellers.  I only refer to companies that I have personally purchased from or have personal relationships with.

The way affiliate marketing works is this: by clicking one of my affiliate links and buying anything (a book, digital music, a lawn mower - anything) a tiny percentage of the sale comes back to help keep me writing this stuff.  The cost to you is absolutely ZERO - you pay the same price whether you use my links or not.

If you like what I write and find it useful, I would be honoured if you would use my links for your online purchases:

I am an affiliate of:
B&H Photo Video
Kelby Training

Amazon Disclosure (apparently I have to have this here....)
Todd Sisson is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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