Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Man-flu remedies (Yep, I'm off-topic again!)

Regular readers will be aware that I have been bravely battling a bout of man-flu for nearly two weeks now. Consequently, I have become very sensitised to the cold & flu remedy ads that are in high rotation on TV at present.

Over the years I have tried most brands to no avail. At best they leave me feeling mildly brain-dead and marginally healthier. The nastier ones generally find me crawling off to my bedroom fantasising about the peace of the grave.

I have never once taken one of these remedies and made a career-saving powerpoint presentation, built a tree hut for the kids, or as in the latest Coldrex ad, felt like busting sum phat beats wid' my (Eminem wannabe) homies!

Have any of you guys had a different experience? Can anyone recommend one of these snakeoil remedies that works?

I'd appreciate your help....boom...chicka...bow...boof...boof...lo-five...


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