Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to the photo autocracy

Howdy, welcome to the photo autocracy - future home to my un-censored ramblings, ruminations and randomisations (as well as a fair amount of alliteration).

I will be using this 'forum' to keep you up to date with articles, postings and work in progress over at - our website/store. This blog is an opinion-piece, pure and simple, and while little or no effort will be expended in researching or preparing posts, I can guarantee with almost 50% certainty that 50% of what I write will be 50% accurate some of the time. This almost certainly makes the information on these pages about 200% more accurate than most of the crud that poses as 'expert advice' on the web.

So the ball is in your court - read my articles, edit out the bits you don't want to believe and take the rest as divine gospel - perfect!

What you will find me writing about in the future:
  • New Zealand Landscape photography advice
  • General photographic philosophy
  • Photographic gear advice and opinions (mainly nikon)
  • Our photographic adventures
  • Digital photography tips & philosophy
  • New Zealand travel advice
  • Anything else that cranks my tractor
Just a note on comments, although the blog is called the photo autocracy I have given a nod to the forces of democracy by enabling comments - think of it as a benevolent dictatorship. Feel free to post positive comments, I see little point in disagreeing with me as your opinion will undoubtedly be misguided and inevitably wrong. Hence, I will not be engaging in discussion, debate or good ol' fashioned flame-fests on the comments board.

Yours benevolently - The Autocrat

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