Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand's Tongariro National Park  during the volcanic eruption 1995 event. I have a full sequence of volcanic eruption photos on our website: sisson | photos of New Zealand

I can't advise travelling to active volcanoes just to get a photo - but this is what it looks like when the mountain you are skiing on erupts!

This is certainly not  an experience that I want to repeat, but it was an experience..... This week, here in New Zealand,  Mt Tongariro blew it's top and erupted during the middle of the night.

I thought I would share these shots that I made from the 1995 Ruapehu eruption. At the time I wasn't a photographer, I just had a crappy point and shoot - and somehow I ended up shooting full eruption sequence by accident - I then panicked an drove for my life.....

Check out the full sequence (from puff of steam to bigger than this) on my website: sisson New Zealand photography

Cheers - Todd

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