Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nikon D800 & D800e in stock now at Adorama

Yep, you heard right - at the time of writing, Adorama have one of Nikon's hens teeth in stock (the D800) ready for immediate shipping (free even, for you lucky Yanks).

I personally have the Nikon D800e and it is hands down the best DSLR that I have owned (in image terms anyway).

I haven't shot the D800 but I suspect that there is very little real world difference between the two cameras.  If you have been waiting for a D800 your wait may be over - hop on over to Adorama right now :-)

If you have any D800 queries - please message me via the comments stream, I'd be honoured to help you if I can.

Cheers - Todd

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