Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ahhhh the freedom of the road......

I remember a time, 3 yrs and 4 months ago to be precise, when that would have been skis on the roof of the car. What changed.....?

And yes, that is a espresso maker in the boot - you try getting creatively motivated at 6AM at -5 C on a sachet of that casa del Brazil stuff you get in motels, it's essential equipment I swear! :-)

We'll try to keep you posted on the shoot via cellphone.

Cheers - TA

ps the buggies are a cutting edge 'roll-over' safety feature to be made standard on all vehicles in 2025.

1 comment:

  1. Bugger! I just sold the buggy and stroller on TradeMe. Ha ... room for the skis. Oh ... forgot ... we are not ski bunnies. Hmmm .... May your ventures be fruitful.