Monday, May 18, 2009

Writers Block

The view from here - inside......

and out......

I'm new to this writing gig and, as it turns out, greener than a leprechaun wrestling in lime jelly on St Patrick's day.

Sarah went away on Thursday for a school reunion. It must be quite an event, as she is away for 6 days. Subsequently, I am looking after our two toddlers and although I had surrendered to the fact that I wouldn't be doing any real work, I figured I could bang out a few articles and blog postings during the day and work on our website at night.

Unfortunately mother nature had different plans for my weekend writer's retreat - as it started raining on Thursday night and hasn't really stopped since. I should have listened to Armstrong & Miller....

The inclement weather has kept the three of us shut indoors for four days. In very close proximity.

It transpires that creative writing is really, really hard when;
  • Being asked for a 'bikkie' every 8 minutes
  • Being asked for juice every 4 minutes
  • Listening to Postman Pat stuff up 'special deliveries' all day long
  • Moderating territorial & toy disputes
  • Attempting to reduce the laundry pile in order to regain access to your hallway
  • Typing with both kids 'helping'......
There was one respite yesterday afternoon when the sun broke through for a little celebrity visit - it resulted in an event that, until now , I have only seen in the, seemingly bi-annual, 'Wil Smith-as-saviour-of the-earth' blockbuster.

You know the scene near the end, after Wil has used his superior intellect, looks and a modified garden hoe to vanquish the aliens/zombies/mutant frogs (coming this summer). The sun breaks through parting (apocalyptic) clouds and the surviving schlubs like me emerge onto the streets squinting and wondering if Burger King survived the invasion. Well it was just like that on our street yesterday (sans Wil walking towards the sun).

My neighbour Chris busted me up when he said "it was like being in prison". Truer words have never been spoken - except in prison you can always escape to your cell for a break... :-)

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