Thursday, May 14, 2009

First sighting (snow) & first shot (canon 70-200 f4 IS)

The Snow
The clouds finally broke for a few hours and we got a nice look at the snow cover on Coronet Peak. I was contemplating the idea of wrenching my gelatinous form away from my desk, heading down to
Small Planet (where my new touring skis reside in the layby shack) heading up the hill for a run or two, and returning to a bask in the halo of mountainman glory that would surely radiate from being the first stud to bag fresh pow this season.

Turns out I was guzumped by my old friend 'Marky Mark' Orr, an international playboy and creator of the canny traveler who is based here in Queenstown at present. Maybe next year I will beat him to it (his first child is due in July). I will not reveal any more of my plans here, as Mark is the only confirmed reader of this blog at present :)

The Lens
Onto photographic things - the shot above was a handheld snapshot taken at f4/200mm on Sarah's new 70-200. I am blown away, as it is quite stunning - amazing detail wide open and razor sharp by my standards. Even better, it is light and relatively compact - Sarah really didn't want to lug the 2.8 version around and now that ISO 800-1600 is usable on your camera who cares - dial it up!
I look forward to seeing more from this lens!


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