Thursday, May 14, 2009

My poor foot!

Little indi (20 months) started hobbling around when I put her into
her gumboots ('wellies' for any poms reading this - no idea what they
call them stateside) on Tuesday. I thought she had a stone in her
boot, but upon taking off her tights I discovered this gigantic
infected blister - poor little thing.

I smoothly transitioned into full parental panic mode, assuming she
had been bitten by one of those bastard Aussie spiders that hide in
our undie drawers these days, and shot down to A&E. We'll never know
what caused it, but it wasn't an arachnid from the convict isles.
The weirdest bit was that the doctors wouldn't lance the monstrosity
for fear of infection (seemed pretty infected already to me).

Anyway things are getting better, and it burst of it's own accord
yesterday, much to my satisfaction.....

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