Monday, June 22, 2009

Customer Feedback

I have had a little snippet of feedback from another of my regular readers - let's call this one Kirsten.

Kirsten relayed her simmering disappointment at the following editorial transgressions:

  • The unwieldy amount of photography content that has appeared recently on The Photo Autocracy.
  • The budding 'bro-mance' that she has detected between myself and 'The Canny Traveler' - replete with disturbing homo-erotic undertones apparently.
  • A total lack of parenting content.
I have known this Kirsten for several years and, in corporate speak, the one 'take-home lesson' that I have taken home (nurtured, fed, and pampered) is this.

NEVER, EVER let Kirsten think she was correct. NEVER, EVER - not even a little bit.

So it was by happy co-incidence that I had this next item in my blogging drafts bin for today. It is a splendid blend of photography and parenting with a recipe tossed in for good measure - should keep everyone happy!

Creamed Camera

I love this recipe that Jack came up with recently - It's perfect for a cold winter's day when everyone is cooped up inside.....

Take this toddler:

and one camera - I prefer black but silver will do just fine.

take one tub of this goop...

Mix thoroughly for 5 minutes - on a couch preferably....

Voila - done !

What could be easier?!


  1. first of condolences to the camera. moo saw the photo of prime suspect #1 and said "Jack!" quickly followed by "what's that?" (referring to the above mentioned camera). I decided it wise not to enlighten her, given that it may infact plant ideas in her head, and claimed that I had no idea what the white blob was..or used to be.

    as far as your boyfriend goes TA.... i was not worried about you eloping with him...more that it appeared that you only had one friend....

  2. P.S. You KNOW I am ALWAYS right.....