Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flu Remedy Update

You may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, I expressed my general disdain for the cold & flu remedies peddled by subsidiaries of big petro-chemical companies such as 3M, Monsanto & Dupont.

I asked my faithful readers for their input on this perplexing issue - remember, my main gripe was finding one of these that enabled me to function in the real world when sick - as all of their advertising promises.

Well, this week I received this homemade natural remedy from a long-time reader - let's call her 'Aunty Vicky'. It came via email so I thought I should share it in this post - as swine flu is looming.

So here it is - Vicky is in blue I am in red:

My suggestion is two to three lemons with manuka honey (only manuka as that has the healing stuff in it lol) in hot water....

Sounds great so far - a real earth mother is our Aunty Vicky, her Mum would approve I am sure.

With a damn decent slug of whisky...

OK, not so earth mothery, but I guess we are still dealing with naturally occuring products here - lets read on....

slug down 2 paracetamols and 2 neurophens (sic) with cold water beforehand, then sip the lemon, honey and whiskey hot drink...

Sheesh - I'm pretty sure that's only one narcotic short of the cocktail that killed River Phoenix, Janis Joplin & Heath Ledger......

I guarantee you will feel lovely in about 20 mins:)

I guarantee that I will feel NOTHING in about 20 minutes!

Apparently Auntie Vicky studied (and partied) hard at the Keith Richards school of naturopathy back in the early 90's - I can't see myself picking the kids up from daycare on that 'remedy'!

The search continues....:)


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  1. I have some acquaintance with the said "aunt vicky" and can vouch for the remedy. I usually try just the lemon, honey, and whiskey bit on its own. If you have no significant relief in 2 hours then add the other bits.
    By now the order in which taken is pretty irrelevant - you wont be suffering from flu anymore!!