Monday, August 27, 2012

Nikon D800 In Stock At Adorama | Still No D800e

Just a quick update to last week's 'D800 in stock' alert post.

Adorama must have a pair of hot envoys (Male & Female, this is an equal opportunity blog) based in Japan sake-ing and dining key figures in Nikon's despatch department.  Why do I jump to such spurious conclusions?

The adorama webstore still has D800's in stock and ready to ship.

As a point of reference: Amazon is backordered and so are B&H

Unfortunately, the D800e (lusive) is nowhere to be seen.

If you have been looking for the D800 get on over to Adorama.

If you have any D800 queries - please message me via the comments stream.  I'm loving mine and I'd be honoured to help you if I can.

Cheers - Todd

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